La Tour Maubourg, Marie-Charles-César-Florimond de Fay, count de

   Born in Grenoble, Marie-Charles-César-Florimond de Fay, count de La Tour Maubourg, was a deputy for the nobility of Puy to the estates general in 1789, at which time he adopted the ideas of the revolution of 1789. After the flight of the king to Varennes (June 20-21, 1791), he was ordered to return him and the royal family to Paris. Brigadier general in 1792, he went with General la fayette over to the Austrians (August 19, 1792), who imprisoned him until 1797. Joining napoléon i,he served as senator (1806) and as military commander of Cherbourg. Made a peer of France after having come over to the Bourbons (1814), he was removed from the list of members of the upper Chamber until 1819, because of his support for napoléon I during the hundred days.

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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